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CT Fish Nerd, Connecticut's #1 guided kayak fishing service. Offering kayak fishing trips for striped bass, blackfish, false albacore, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and more. Experience the thrill of fishing from a pedal driven, top of the line Hobie kayak! Kayak striped bass fishing Connecticut - Guided Fishing Connecticut



A beautiful sunrise over Long Island Sound while heading out for an action packed morning of kayak fishing for striped bass and assorted bottom fish species off the coast of Connecticut.

Guided Kayak Fishing Trips in Connecticut

Now Booking for the 2023 season! Join Guide Josh Rayner on an unforgettable saltwater or freshwater kayak fishing trip using top of the line Hobie Kayaks. Target striped bass, blackfish, false albacore, smallmouth bass, northern pike, crappie and more!

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Friday Afternoon August 11th thru Sunday Evening August 13th 2023

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Hand Tied Hair Jigs, Bucktail Jigs, Guided Kayak Fishing Gift Certificates and more

Free Shipping on orders $40 or more!

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Custom Kayak Rigging & Repair

Specializing in custom rigging, accessory installation, and repair of Hobie Kayaks and other major fishing kayak brands.

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