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Guided Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is one of the most exciting ways to target any fish in both saltwater and freshwater environments! A pedal driven kayak provides advantages that a traditional paddle kayak (or even a boat) does not, being able to make a quiet approach to shallow or spooky fish, and the ability to hold position and propel the kayak all while never having to put the fishing rod down. My kayak fleet consisting of three well equipped, extremely stable Hobie Outbacks, provides a perfect fishing platform for up to two clients. These kayaks provide the comfort, storage space, and maneuverability to spend a full day on the water. Clients who have their own suitable fishing kayak are also welcome to bring it for their trip. Though I am equipped to outfit up to two clients with kayaks and fishing gear, larger parties can be accommodated if one or more members of that party have a suitable fishing kayak to use. Over 35 years of fishing experience targeting Connecticut's wide variety of species in both saltwater and freshwater environments, and 15 years of kayaking experience.

Trip Menu

Close-up of a beautiful striped bass caught while kayak fishing in Connecticut - CT Fish Nerd
Large Striped Bass taken on a topwater plug from a fishing kayak. CT Fish Nerd Guided Kayak Fishing - Striped bass fishing in Connecticut

Striped Bass

Striped bass trips are available both day and night from late April to mid November.  Experience the thrill of targeting these powerful, beautiful, majestic fish from a kayak, casting artificial lures and live eels, and in some cases live lining bunker. The "sleigh rides" stripers will take you on in a kayak are like nothing else! The majority of the trips I guide are for striped bass. (All striped bass in healthy condition caught with CT Fish Nerd will be released, no exceptions.)

Up-close photo of the beautiful markings of a false albacore caught while kayak fishing
Happy client with a kayak caught false albacore - False Albacore Fishing in Connecticut - Albie Fishing in Connecticut

False Albacore

Better known throughout the northeast as "albies", they are the fastest swimming fish that grace Connecticut's waters. Maddening at times but the reward of catching them outweighs the frustration. The extreme highs and lows of targeting them, and of course the drag burning runs are what keep anglers coming back for more every year starting in September. Chasing these fish in the kayak is an absolute riot, and their topwater blitzes are a spectacle.

large keeper black sea bass caught while kayak fishing in Connecticut
porgy aka scup caught while kayak fishing - Inshore kayak fishing in Connecticut

Mixed Bag Inshore

Variety is the spice of life, and Long Island Sound provides just that. A mixed bag trip could mean stripers and/or blues on topwater in the morning, followed by jigging for bottom fish from fluke to scup to black sea bass and likely some oddball species in between. Light tackle makes it that much more fun!

Up-close photo of a blackfish aka tautog caught while kayak fishing in Connecticut - CT Fish Nerd guided kayak fishing
Stringer of keeper sized blackfish aka tautog - Blackfishing in Connecticut - Tautog Fishing in Connecticut - Tog Fishing Connecticut

Blackfish (Tautog)

What these fish lack in the way of looks, they make up for in raw power and deliciousness. One of the best fighting and best tasting fish in Long Island Sound. There is a spring, summer, and fall season for blackfish, most of my efforts are in the fall, fishing fairly shallow with light tackle.

Housatonic River smallmouth bass caught while wade fishing on a guided trip with CT Fish Nerd
nice sized smallmouth bass caught from a Hobie Outback kayak

Smallmouth Bass

These fish are hands down the hardest fighting fish for their size in Connecticut's freshwater lakes and rivers. Most of the smallies I target and guide clients for are in river environments, which always makes for a fun kayak fishing expedition! Smallmouth trips are available and worthwhile year-round, even through the extreme heat of summer and dead of winter. River Wading Trips for smallmouth bass are also available June thru early September.

Northern Pike about to be released, caught while kayak fishing in the Connecticut River
Happy client with his personal best northern pike while kayak fishing with CT Fish Nerd

Northern Pike

Pike are the one of the largest predatory fish in Connecticut's freshwater lakes and rivers. They can be a bit more elusive than other species, but tying into a big one is extremely rewarding! These fish will get your adrenaline pumping by following lures all the way back to the kayak, and their strikes feel like a freight train! Pike trips are available late winter/early spring through fall.

Large Yellow Perch caught while kayak fishing in Connecticut
nice sized crappie aka calico bass

Crappie & Perch

Some of the best fishing in the state through the colder months is for panfish such as black crappie, yellow perch, and white perch. It may sound like an odd choice for a target species, but with non-stop action and some speciemens breaking 15" or more, they make for a fun day on the water. They also taste pretty good too.

Up-close photo of a beautiful largemouth bass caught in Connecticut while kayak fishing with CT Fish Nerd
Happy client with his personal best largemouth bass

Largemouth Bass

The most recognized freshwater gamefish in the country is certainly a great target species right here in Connecticut just about year round. Most of the largemouth bass fishing I spend time doing is in the spring before they spawn due to my annual shift in focus to striped bass, but I have plenty of experience with summer, fall, and winter largemouth bass bites.

Beautiful up-close photo of a large black crappie aka calico bass, caught in the Connecticut River with CT Fish Nerd
Kayak Fishing for northern pike

Mixed Bag Freshwater

A mixed bag trip on the Connecticut River could mean a large variety of species caught using a wide array of techniques in several very different freshwater habitats. Depending on time of year, these trips could yield 10 or more species, including largemouth & smallmouth bass, pike, pickerel, crappie, yellow & white perch, bowfin, striped bass, and others. Part of the excitement in fishing the Connecticut River is not knowing what you'll catch next!

What is provided:

  • Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak (with pedal drive system)

  • Fishing gear necessary for catching the target species

  • PFD/Life Jacket

  • Waterproof Splash Pants

  • Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

  • Snacks & Bottled Water

  • First Aid Supplies (if needed)

What you should bring:

  • Sunglasses

  • Appropriate clothing for conditions

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Water shoes or boots (depending on season)

  • Fishing gear you wish to use

  • Cell phone and/or camera

  • Change of clothes (just in case)

  • Towel

  • Any required medications

What you SHOULD NOT bring:

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Illegal/Controlled substances of any kind

  • Firearms or weapons

  • Waders (Kayak trips only. Waders optional for wading trips.)

Your Guide, Josh Rayner with a large striped bass landed in a kayak. Striped bass fishing Connecticut. CT Fish Nerd Guided Kayak Fishing. Kayak Fishing Charter in Connecticut.

Your Guide: Josh Rayner

Over 35 years fishing experience and over 15 years of kayaking experience, targeting a variety of species imparting countless techniques in Connecticut's freshwater rivers and lakes as well as Long Island Sound and it's connecting waterways. 


Single Trip:

(50% Deposit to book, balance paid day of trip)

One Angler, Half Day (5 hrs): $300

One Angler, Full Day (9 hrs): $500

Two Anglers, Half Day (5 hrs): $500 

Two Anglers, Full Day (9 hrs): $700

3 Packs:

(3 Packs must be paid in full at time of purchase)

One Angler, Half Days (5 hrs): $750 

(Save $150)

One Angler, Full Days (9 hrs): $1300

(Save $200)

Two Anglers, Half Days (5 hrs): $1300

(Save $200)

Two Anglers, Full Days (9 hrs): $1850

(Save $250)

Gift Certificates Available!

CT Fish Nerd Guided Kayak Fishing Gift Certificate. Kayak Fishing Charter in Connecticut.

- A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book a single trip. Trip date(s) can be changed if necessary

- 3 Packs must be paid in full at time of purchase. Trip dates can be decided at a later date if necessary

- Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice for postponement/cancellation

- Full Trip Amount is due if postponing/canceling less than 24 hours before the trip date

- Trip date, time, and location are subject to change on short notice due to weather/conditions

- Custom trips available upon request (duration, multi-species, multi-location, multi-day, etc.)

- Clients are welcome to use their own pedal/motorized kayak if suitable for conditions (no discount)

- Clients age 12 and younger must be accompanied on the trip by an adult/guardian

- Clients age 13-17 must have written consent to participate if not accompanied by an adult/guardian 

The job of a fishing guide is to supply the client with the best possible tools for catching the target species, to put the client where the fish should be, to provide tips to catch the target species, and to keep the client safe. I will do everything I can to put my clients on fish, but there are no guarantees in fishing. Fishing success relies on many factors and variables, many of which are out of the hands of the fishing guide. Weather conditions, barometric pressure, water clarity/temperature/pH, high or low water, fish mood, fishing pressure, boat traffic and other factors can make or break a day of fishing. GUIDED TRIPS WITH CT FISH NERD ARE NOT "NO CATCH, NO PAY".

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