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Kayak fishing for striped bass in Connecticut. Large striped bass caught from a kayak, CT Fish Nerd Guided Kayak Fishing in Connecticut.



To book a Guided Kayak Fishing Trip or for more info, please leave a message in the form below OR call (860)-575-8962 and I will promptly and personally return your message. Thank you for visiting!

- Josh Rayner

CT Fish Nerd - Guided kayak fishing in Connecticut - Kayak Fishing Guide Service. Kayak Fishing for striped bass, false albacore, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and more.

Guided Kayak Fishing Inquiries

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About Josh and CT Fish Nerd

Kayak Fishing for Northern Pike Connecticut - CT Fish Nerd Guided Kayak Fishing

My name is Josh Rayner and fishing is my life long passion, specifically fishing from a kayak. I'm 41 years old and live in Connecticut where I was born and raised. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember, learning how to catch bass, bluegill, and crappie from my father, my uncle, and my grandfather. My love of kayak fishing started in 2007 when I got my first true "fishing kayak", an Ocean Kayak Prowler. It didn't take long to realize a paddle kayak wasn't the way to go, especially on moving water which is the majority of what I fish. After years of paddling, I finally graduated up to a Hobie Outback in 2017 and barriers were broken. Rougher conditions were conquered, more water was covered, and more fish were caught on a given trip. Since purchasing that first Outback, I have aligned myself with two of the major Hobie dealers in Connecticut, learning the ins and outs of these amazing kayaks and the kayak fishing industry as a whole, and I've met some really great people along the way.

I initially started my guide service in 2013 as a side gig, guiding from paddle kayaks. The kayaks were not ideal for what I wanted to use them for, and I still had a lot to learn about running a business of this type. Guiding is not something you pick up the skillset for overnight. I worked hard at my craft and slowly accumulated enough quality gear to supply clients with. I eventually bought another two Hobie Outbacks and there was no looking back. I'm going on my third consecutive year of guiding

full time. 


 It doesn't stop at the guide service... I offer custom kayak rigging and repair of fishing kayaks, specifically Hobie. After 15 years of kayak fishing and over 5 years of working on Hobies, I've learned a thing or two about where and how accessories should or shouldn't be mounted. With a background in fine art, trim carpentry, and custom cabinetry, my attention to detail is unsurpassed. In addition, I also fill my time throughout the slow part of the season tying and selling hair jigs and bucktail jigs for fresh and saltwater use. I've also been writing for On The Water Magazine for about a year.

Striped bass fishing Connecticut. Surfcasting in Connecticut for striped bass. Guided kayak fishing in Connecticut. CT Fish Nerd Kayak Fishing Charter in Connecticut.
CT Fish Nerd Guided Kayak Fishing - Connecticut

I am a multi-species angler through and through. I love the challenge of targeting different fish in different environments, and sometimes changing things up can keep things interesting. My favorite fish to target are striped bass, false albacore, blackfish, smallmouth bass, northern pike, and black crappie, but I will fish for just about everything that swims. There are so many great fishing opportunities over the course of the season right here in Connecticut, and so little time to fit it all in. I try to learn on every outing, whether the fishing was good or not. No matter how good an angler gets, there is always something to learn. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together on any given day of fishing is what keeps me coming back for more. 


-Josh Rayner

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