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Kayak Rigging & Repair


Like any other vessel, fishing kayaks are an investment and need to be well maintained in order to perform as intended, and must be customized to the way the operator intends to use them. I specialize in custom rigging and repair of Hobie Kayaks. No matter the accessory or replacement part, I've likely installed it on several Hobie models more than once with full attention to detail. With 6 years of experience repairing/servicing Hobie pedal drives, steering systems, seats, hulls, troubleshooting electrical components, and installing accessories such as fishfinders, lighting kits, and electric motors, I can confidently take on all your kayak maintenance needs. I'm also familiar with other major fishing kayak brands including Old Town, Jackson, Bonafide, Ocean, and Native.

Services Include:

  • Installation of Fishfinders, Lighting Kits, Electric Motors, Hatches, Anchor Trolleys, Sailing Kits, Fishing Accessories and more

  • Repair of Hobie Pedal Drives, Steering Systems, Seats, Hull Damage, and more

  • Troubleshooting of Electrical Components such as Fishfinders and Lighting

  • Pickup and Delivery of your kayak

  • House Calls for Select Repairs

  • Maintenance Plans Available


Kayak Rigging & Repair Rates:


  • Labor, Pickup & Delivery: $60/hour

  • House Call Labor: $75/hour

  • Annual Maintenance Plan: $150/year


  • Pedal Drive Inspection, Tune-Up & Lubrication

  • Rudder Line Inspection, Steering Alignment & Adjustments

  • Hull Inspection (Cracks, Deep Gouges, Hatch Seals, etc.)

  • (Annual Maintenance Plan for Hobie Kayaks Only. Price does not include replacement parts or additional labor other than listed above. Customer delivers and picks up kayak.)

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