Hairabou Hybrid Jig

Hairabou Hybrid Jig


The Hairabou Hybrid Jig is the perfect combination of fluid movement and a rigid profile. It sports the same great VMC Barbarian Hook as the other styles of CT Fish Nerd jigs, with a core of stiffer bucktail hair tied into the middle, surrounded by the more supple marabou, which provides a unique action you cannot achieve with any other material. Largemouth and smallmouth bass can change their moods daily, especially in cold water and transition periods. This jig can provide some suprising results on those days where they won't hit anything else! Drag it, hop it, deadstick it, let them tell you how to present it. A great option for lake trout, steelhead, and walleye too.

  • Product Info

    Unusual hook design keeps fish hooked

    Hand tied with Bucktail hair and Marabou feathers for unique action

    Finesse style, open water/structure jig

    Designed for largemouth and smallmouth bass

    **Allow 3-5 days handling time before jig orders ship

  • Product Care

    Store hair jigs seperately from other lures to maintain natural shape

    Use a flat piece of foam or fly box to store hair jigs

    Always rinse with freshwater if used in saltwater, allow to air dry

  • Return Policy

    Return the unused product within 30 days of receiving it for a money back guarantee.

  • California Proposition 65

    Warning: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm.